CPAN Feature Release Business::DK::CVR 0.05 – OOP and other goodness

The Perl module Business::DK::CVR can be used to validate Danish CVR (VAT) numbers. This release introduces new features, somewhat alpha. One feature is integration with Mark Stosberg’s Data::FormValidator. So it is easier to integrate CVR validation with Data::FormValidator with standard constraints. This is experimental and it might get extended in the future, but in general it works as of now.

A class implementation has also been added. Introducing Class::Business::DK::CVR. This gives the user the ability to work with CVR objects. This is our first implementation using David Golden’s Class::InsideOut. The concepts behind the implementation are:

– Encapsulation of data
– Construction or fail

So when constructing an object you either succeed and get a valid CVR object or it fails. You then have nice encapsulated CVR number instead of a string, which could accidentally change.

The distribution can be released from: or your local CPAN mirror.

Source code is available from:

Project homepage:

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CPAN Feature Release Business::DK::CVR 0.05 – OOP and other goodness