CPAN Release WWW::DanDomain 0.04, feature release

Release 0.04 (and 0.03) of WWW::DanDomain have been uploaded to PAUSE over the last days.

Release 0.03 implemented a new feature, supporting DanDomains authorization by IP, so it is not necessary to crawl the site and authenticate. So access directory to the source of exported data is possible with the correct configuration on the DanDomain side.

After new releases I always keep an keen eye on the test reports from CPAN testers and much to my surprise I got a failure report.

– i386-freebsd / 5.10.1:

It seemed as if the Makefile.PL was not parsed completely and only the first line in the requirements and configuration requirements sections where parsed.

The distribution is primarily based on Module::Build, so I overlooked this.

Using the CPAN-testers website I located the testers email address and mailed him. He was very responsive and he informed me that his smoke testing environment was configured to pick the Makefile.PL over Build.PL and my Makefile.PL only contained the two lines in the two sections I previously mentioned.

So I examined the culprit and he was right.

Confused over what the Makefile.PL I moved on the the Build.PL file, which I expected to generated the Makefile.PL and I could see that that particular feature was not configured.

So release 0.04 contains a fix to address this.

Thanks to CPAN Testers again, they help finding even the smallest of defects.

CPAN Release WWW::DanDomain 0.04, feature release

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