YAPC::Europe 2010 Pisa, Italy – Day One

I got up at 4 am. to catch a direct flight from Copenhagen to Pisa. I got there safely and was instantly enchanted by again attending a YAPC and coming back to Italy.

I did not find the schedule for the first day so interesting. So I attended a few talks and in between, I went to my room at the hotel and polished my presentation for Thursday morning.

Not having attended YAPC::Europe in the past two years, it was really nice to be back, seeing old friends and I mean old literally. Everybody seems to be a little older, this is of course a fact, but not having seen people for years, does show, but people look good. The atmosphere is really good whether it is due to all of the “old” people or that we are in Italy is hard to tell, perhaps it is the combination.

Our Italian hosts have done a magnificent job, the schedule is running smoothly and on track. And the coffee breaks – perhaps it is because I got up at 4 am. but the Italian espressos and sweets saved my day.

I planned to go to bed early to get ready for my talk Thursday morning, but the organizers had organized a social dinner. So we went by bus to an Italian restaurant just next to the leaning tower of Pisa and then we ate… and then we ate some more… after that we ate a little and then we had desert.

When I finally made it back to the hotel I was tired and full, but very happy. Happy that I decided to attend YAPC::Europe 2010 in Pisa, Italy.



YAPC::Europe 2010 Pisa, Italy – Day One

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