YAPC::Europe 2010 Pisa, Italy – Day Two

Started the day doing my presentation on Workflow – a CPAN module I currently maintain. I felt the presentation went okay. It was a 20-minute presentation aiming at outlining the general aspects of Workflow (presentation available on Slideshare).

This was the first time I brought my laptop to the actual conference. All of the first day I left it in my room, which I found out was a good idea. Since I got to pay much more attention to the talks and I got to talk to a lot more people as soon as my presentation was over I went to leave it in my room, well I had one stop at Tim Bunce’s talk (TIMB) on Devel::NYTProf, but after that and not getting the most out of the talk due to laptop distractions I was once again able to move freely around the venue, without having to worry about power outlets and wifi connectivity.

Well I did worry a little about wifi connectivity since I brought my iphone showing the conference schedule – another good call.

I got to talk to some people about Workflow afterwards on topic of standardized XML formats for expressing workflows, seems there are some interesting stuff on CPAN (thanks MARKOV). I also talked to Jose Luis Martinez (JLMARTIN) who has a running implementation of Workflow using Catalyst as the front-end and Workflow as the model. He showed me the code and it looks like it will be put on CPAN at some point.

After some poking around I went to see Jon Allen’s (JONALLEN) talk on CouchDB a really interesting talk. I have not had time to look at CouchDB, but Jon’s talk was really an eye-opener, so I am thinking about doing some projects using CouchDB – well if I can get a round to it.

The rest of the day was eventful, talking to people, eating and excellent Italian coffee.

Ended the evening eating pasta and playing Martian Fluxx with Anton, Erik and R Geoffrey Avery, who always brings interesting cards games to these conferences.

YAPC::Europe 2010 Pisa, Italy – Day Two

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