Retweets from Week #11

This is my second compilation of interesting retweets, this one from week #11. There was a lot of good candidates and I actually had to skip some I wanted to mention, but I have to try to keep to the amount I previously decided, which is 4.

@praxagora: Steve McConnell traces research behind claims that programmer productivity can vary by factor of 10x

Steve McConnells ‘Code Complete’ was a real eye opener for me. It was one of the first books on programming I have read all the recommended titles since. I did however really enjoy Steve’s book since it gave me very much needed insight into the practice of programming rather than just syntactical teaching and idioms. This tweet mentions a blog entry is interesting in regard to a discussion on sources and references. Another thing that really stands out is the comments. I would love to be able to attract that amount of qualified feedback and comments, but I guess I have to start generating interesting content at first.

@mbusigin: MongoDB is becoming a fixture in my professional life. Nothing in the past year has given me more power & control over my data.

Alternative database systems are really on a roll and have been for some time.This kind of tweet makes just want to do something with MongoDB. This really demonstrates the power of a good tweet, enough to make you curious. MongoDB here I come.

@jchris: Developer Preview of Couchbase Mobile – Apache CouchDB for iOS devices: Discuss:

Very much in relation to the previous mention of MongoDB. CouchDB is to become available for iOS. To recap from last week, Github is a central point in this another tweet worth more time investment.

@brandontreb: Great article talking about how developers need to be more encouraging to one another

The last tweet is to a blog post. It is not the best of blog posts, but it holds some nerve. I can only say that I agree with the original author and I retweeted because the message is good and honest. I should go and comment on the original blog post.

Keep (re)tweeting,


Retweets from Week #11

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