CPAN Release Perl::Critic::logicLAB 0.04 and 0.05

I have just uploaded Perl::Critic::logicLAB 0.05 to CPAN. I did not announce the release of 0.04 due to time constraints and since it was released during Easter I thought I could just as well announce them together.

The two releases introduces two new policies of mine:

The two policies focus on addressing interaction in, which your Perl components are working. Extending on the path that was set out with the release of Perl::Critic::Policy::logicLAB::ProhibitUseLib

Both new policies are simple policies, but hopefully useful. They are already giving me good feedback and value being put to use on a Continues Integration platform Jenkins.

All should be available on CPAN by now, both as individual distributions, but also as part of the Perl::Critic::logicLAB bundle mentioned here.

Feedback and patches most welcome,

jonasbn, Copenhagen

CPAN Release Perl::Critic::logicLAB 0.04 and 0.05