CPAN Release Business::DK::FI 0.03

The maintenance release (0.02) of Business::DK::FI has again been put to the test by the marvelous CPAN testers.
Unfortunately release 0.02 did not seem to fix the issue described in BDKFI-17. Almost half of the tests performed fail.
I have had a hard time trying to replicate the issue, without success, so I am trying an alternative implementation of a fix. I am not sure addresses the exact issue but the code still works as expected.
I am looking very much forward to seeing the CPAN testers results based on this new release and I am crossing my fingers. If you evaluate the failure reports for release 0.02 and have an explanation I am still all ears for getting a possible explanation to the trouble with this pretty basic code.
jonasbn, Stockholm/Sweden, Wednesday 2011.11.23
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CPAN Release Business::DK::FI 0.03