Initial Release of Task-Jenkins Uploaded to CPAN

First release of Task::Jenkins have been uploaded to PAUSE and it should be available via your local CPAN mirror by the time of publication of this post or shortly hereafter.

Task::Jenkins is a collection of distributions for continuous integration using Jenkins it installs a collection of distributions which have been identified as useful in utilizing Jenkins for continuous integration of Perl distributions, applications and code.

The key concept in the use of Jenkins for Perl is enabling the existing tool chain with minor adjustments.

The basic requirements are that you are using some sort of build system, basically you just need some way to initiate an execution of you test suite from a command line. The test suite is then expected to output to the console so the output from the test run can be inspected and the return value of the test run can be used to indicate whether the test run was a success or failure.

Using standard tool chain components like Test::Harness works out of the box.

For a tutorial on how to get started please see the wiki page on Continuous Integration with Perl.

The distribution is a Task based distribution, so it does not contain any code as such, but simply bundles existing distributions for easy handling. Currently Task::Jenkins contain:

– App::Prove
– Devel::Cover
– TAP::Formatter::JUnit

Suggestions, feedback, patches etc. most welcome,


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Initial Release of Task-Jenkins Uploaded to CPAN

Open Source Days 2012, Copenhagen/Denmark

Call for Papers is out for yet another Open Source Days in Copenhagen/Denmark. The event is organized by Open Source community in Denmark.

So please read the Call for Speakers below and forward it to friends, colleagues, fellow Perl mongers and anybody who could be interested.

I am evaluating if any of my talks given to the Copenhagen Perl Mongers through the last year would make could candidates for Open Source Days 2012.

jonasbn, Copenhagen

Open Source Days 2012: Call for Speakers

Open Source Days 2012 is currently planned for early March 2012 and we are
looking for gifted, entertaining and technically enlightened speakers for the

The conference itself will take place the 2nd and 3rd of March and training
will be available 1st of March.

Training courses – Half or full day

As something new we will want to try out longer training courses – half or full
day, held on the day before the conference itself.

We are looking for both subjects and instructors.

Since we expect the course participants to pay for the training, we are willing
to pay the instructor for giving the course, provided that a sufficient number
of people sign up.

Naturally the course instructors also get free access to the conference, since
we also hope to get a normal talk out of the instructor.

Normal Talks – 45 minutes


This year we will have a track with focus on the use of open source software in
newly created startups and another track with focus on green technologies.

Non-startup related talks are also of interest and we’ll try to fit them into
various related tracks.

Speakers can attend the conference free of charge and to some extent we might
be able to reimburse your travel and hotel.

Lightning Talks – 15 minutes


Talk about anything you like. Tell us about your idea for a new project, how
you made your first Qt application or something completely different. For
lightning talks, only your imagination and the timeframe are the limiting

If you have never tried doing a presentation before, but are working on
something you believe other people might find interesting, then this is a good
opportunity to start.

Lightning talk speakers can attend the conference free of charge.


Sponsorships can be in the range of DKK 10000 and up. Please write to if you are interested in becoming a conference

Your sponsorship could, for example, be used for:

* Provide a conference T-shirt.
* Provide lunch for the participants.
* Provide key hangers.
* Provide a conference bag.
* Provide a conference beer event.

Exhibition Booth

If you are interested in an exhibition booth, you can also contact us at the

Hackerspaces and Community Booths

More information about these will follow once we get closer to the conference.

Contact Information

Please, send us a title, a short description and a short biography of yourself
to no later than January 21st, 2012.

You are also most welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the
conference itself. You can also catch most of us in the IRC channel
#opensourcedays on the EFnet IRC network.

Feel free to follow us on or to get the latest news about the

For more information please have a look at

Alexander Færøy

Open Source Days 2012, Copenhagen/Denmark

CPAN Release Business::DK::FI 0.04

This bug fix release re-addresses previous attempts at fixing a bug (see releases 0.03 and 0.02). The issue seemed to be associated with architecture and where I have only developed on a 64-bit enabled platforms using a 64-bit enabled perl I could not replicate the issue, which was related to Perl’s sprintf under 32-bit perl. I now use string indications (*s*) instead of signed integer (*d*) and it seems to work.

The issue was labelled: BDKFI-20. The change can be inspected in Fisheye.

The distribution will be made available via CPAN and your local mirror shortly or you can go to MetaCPAN.

Thanks to my colleague Erik Johansen for the assistance and pointer to what the problem was.

jonasbn, Copenhagen

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CPAN Release Business::DK::FI 0.04