CPAN Release Business::DK::Phonenumber 0.04

My friend, colleague and fellow Copenhagen Perl Monger Asbjørn Thegler reported a bug with Business::DK::Phonenumber (BDKPHN-10).

Looking at the code we found out that parts of it made no sense. Asbjørn provided me with a good example demonstrating the bug, so this was quickly translated to a test (BDKPHN-10) and the non-sense code and the issue could be addressed.

The release has been uploaded to PAUSE and should be available on CPAN.

Thanks to Asbjørn for reporting the bug.

jonasbn, Copenhagen

PS. this post was cross-posted from the project blog on Business::DK::Phonenumber

CPAN Release Business::DK::Phonenumber 0.04