Following the Open Source Days 2012 conference, where I did a presentation of ActiveStates micro-cloud solution Stackato, I decided to put the slides to work.

Via my network in the Copenhagen Perl Mongers, our local Perl user group, where I am a long time member, I got in contact with, both a local Ruby user group (Copenhagen Ruby Brigade) and a local Javascript group (CopenhagenJS).

The idea of interaction with local user groups have for long time been intriguing to me. I remember hearing about the Perl mongers on Taiwan organizing an event embracing more than just Perl, but representing several dynamic languages, such as PHP, Python and Perl (I think the event was named P3P, where the last P stood for Party).

I got the fantastic opportunity to do a presentation to both groups and by accident both events was scheduled for the same week. At the same time I decided to do a follow-up with the Copenhagen Perl Mongers. I had made a brief presentation of Stackato earlier, but since we often lag presentation at our meetings, I decided to give my full presentation also in this fora.

So with something resembling a tour I started out with modifying my Open Source Days presentation to accommodate the presentation aimed at the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade. Not having worked with Ruby at all, I decided to try out coding an example using Ruby on Rails version 3.

Making quite a few rookie mistakes, I got quite fond of both Rails and the gem system. After some attempts I was able to build a basic example in Ruby using Rails and the everlasting ‘Hello World’ example.

The event was held at a local company Podio and I only met a single person I had met before. The number of attendees was at about 12-15. The questions and comments were good and in general it was a very pleasant experience presenting to the Copenhagen Ruby Brigade.

The following day was my presentation to the CopenhagenJS. For this presentation I focused on Node(.js). I had done some prior experimentation with Node, but nothing serious. The concept of Node is very intriguing and I am sure this is not the last time I am going to do some Node work.

The presentation went fairly well and as for the meeting with the Ruby Brigade I am sure I am going to attend meeting with both user groups in the future.

About the future, I think it is about time that the idea of a “party” is revisited for all the programmers, developers and hackers in Copenhagen…

Slides are available on Slideshare:

Presentation given to Copenhagen Ruby Brigade
Presentation given to CopenhagenJS