Nordic Perl Workshop 2012

Just back from the Nordic Perl Workshop 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.

It has been quite some time since I have attended a Perl community event, so it felt awesome to see old friends again and at the same time meeting new people.

The Nordic Perl Workshop 2012 was arranged by Claes Jakobsson, who always set up a nice 1 track setting, so you do not have the dilemma of choosing between tracks. You can settle in one room and you are then exposed to talks you might would have skipped, a very elegant way to arrange a workshop in my opinion.

The Nordic Perl Workshops in Stockholm have always been my favorites since the atmosphere is very intimate and by the end of the workshop you end up have talked to practically all attendees.

The 2012 workshop was no disappointment, the program was varied, with different speakers covering a wide variation of topics.

– Jonathan Worthington on Perl 6 modules and
– Claes on Perl 5 topics related to parsing and debugging
– Salve Nilson on communities
– Ulrich Wisser on Perl::Critic and a very interesting talk on SASL and related
– Me on Stackato
– And of course Damian Conway on Perl 5 regular expressions and most impressive regular expression debugger: Regexp::Debugger

Unfortunately I had to leave prior to hearing the last talks and I am sure I missed out on some good talks, but a national holiday back home in Denmark required my presence for a family holiday.

In addition to the marvelous talks I had great conversations with other attendees on topics like SOA architecture, Perl culture and on software development methodology and practices. The workshop was compact, but as always immensely educational and fun.

We are considering having the Nordic Perl Workshop 2013 in Copenhagen – I hope we will be able to do just as good a job as Claes and the Stockholm Perl Mongers (sorry Salve Meetup).

Nordic Perl Workshop 2012

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