Tweets and retweets from Week #43

This is my second attempt of trying to get into a habit of blogging on a more regular basis. The blog posts categorized as Retweets will list a set of tweets and retweets from the week just gone by.

David Golden (@xdg) wrote a very interesting blog post very relevant to my own issues with keeping up with and consuming and publishing via social media. I decided to tweet this since David’s pragmatic approach and reflection are very interesting especially if you want to work smarter and not harder with your social media interaction.

Putting social media on cruise-control – interesting blog post by @xdg, approaching social media with pragmatism

Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag) featured an interesting and insightful article on coding standards. The article is written by Nicholas C. Zakas (@slicknet). The article is mentions Javascript and CSS as examples, but the issue is universal and some good guidance it given to thinking about and shaping your own coding standard for your situation and languages.

Better Code Quality: Why Coding Style Matters, great piece on importance of coding style via @smashingmag by @slicknet

ack is a fantastic command line tool, which I often use over grep. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

@lbalker: @drkrab @mtnygard it’s spelled ack ( ). You’re welcome 🙂

I love figures and diagrams, so this article caught my eye. Nice diagrams and a very interesting topic, which I need to read up on by the way. The concept of message queuing is quite intriguing and the article provides a good introduction to AMQP.

@kellabyte: Blogged: Clarifying AMQP

Keep (re)tweeting,


Tweets and retweets from Week #43

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