CPANday is over – I had HUGE plans, well not for CPANday in particular, but for all of my CPAN contributions.

CPANday did however come very handy and was a magnificent initiative, but as always did not get as much done as I wanted to.

I made 7 maintenance releases, mostly getting up to speed with my distributions, which was previously stranded in migration.

– Business::DK::Phonenumber 0.07
– Business::DK::CPR 1.11
– Tie::Tools 1.07
– XML::Conf 0.05
– Business::Tax::VAT 1.04
– Business::DK::Postalcode 0.09
– Workflow 1.41

I made a single feature release of one of my newer distributions.

– Business::GL::Postalcode 0.03

I made two deletions.

– WWW::Nike::NikePlus::Public
– Business::OnlinePayment::Cashcow

The later very much spurred by the blog post by Book. There is no need to keep distributions on CPAN where the service they use is no longer available. The first was a scraper on the Nike+ community site, where a more well defined API has been developed. I do not think there is a Perl integration, but I do not really use Nike+ anymore after having shifted to Endomondo, so … Cashcow seems to have been discontinued. I created this distribution when working for a client, which was using Cashcow, but the company do not exist anymore and neither does the Cashcow owners it seems.

I would have loved to:

– Do a new release – I have several new releases planned (as part of a quest)
– Thank somebody – I need to buy NEILB a beer for his continued energy and contributions to the CPAN community
– Put my CPAN stuff on Github – Done
– Improve the POD (see also etc.) – I plan to go over POD on all of my modules, now that all of them are accessible on Github
– Close RTs – I have created a quest today to do exactly that
– Get coverage reports with Devel::Cover – I NEED coverage badges on all my distributions
– Address some test reports from CPAN testers – I have many of them as RTs, so they will be addressed
– Delete some distributions – Done and Done
– Blog about a CPAN module – there are SO many to choose from, but I have just started fooling around with Dist::Zilla, perhaps a blog post should be written 🙂
– Give money to the Perl foundation – my employer does on a regular basis, but perhaps I should too

For me CPANday started a wave, it began slowly leading up to CPANday and now continuing with almost daily releases, cleaning, improving, fixing and most of all having a lot fun…

Thanks to all of the CPAN contributors, testers, users, Philippe Bruhat and especially Neil Bowers


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