On the move…

I have had several blogs over the years, now after a long blogging hiatus I decided to start a blog with WordPress.com. I have used WordPress in the past with success and it is a nice blogging platform and it integrates nicely with external tools like MacJournal etc.

My previous blogs have been on technology, the internet, computers, programming, software development and other things related and on topics I find interesting – and I expect to continue with these topics, since they are my currentĀ interests.

If I get the time I will migrate my old blog posts here just for the fun of it, but it will generally be a blog on day to day stuff on the topics I previously mentioned.

The title for the blog is lastmover, should have been last-mover, which is the opposite of first-mover. With technology and life developing so rapidly it is often difficult to keep up, so why not just face the fact that you (me that is), is never going to be a first-mover, but a last-mover – and I have no issue with that.

So welcome to the last-mover blog – feedback is always welcome, even if it is just speling corrections.

Take care,



On the move…

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