I fell over something on Github called TIL (Today I Learned). I have for long pondered to migrate my notes elsewhere – currently they are all collected in a Wiki.

The idea of TIL intrigued me and now I finally got a TIL repository set up. Currently it only contains one TIL, but I plan to evaluate and migrate my earlier notes to this more open and accessible format.

Here are some of my first impressions of doing TILs hosted at Github instead of something else.

  1. The are public available
  2. They have native version control (they are actually contained in a Github repo)
  3. The can be written in Markdown
  4. They can use syntax highlighting based on the languages supported by the Github platform
  5. They follow the normal workflow used for other projects I have hosted on Github
  6. They can be forked and merged
  7. They can be commented on using issues (not directly linkable, but I guess it is somewhat trackable)
  8. Did I mention they can be written in Markdown 🙂

I have not observed any major draw-backs of this kind of write up to now, some will probably show later on, but I will give it a try and if it does not work, well I can find some other way of hosting my notes, hints, tips and tricks.

Only one TIL, but I promise more will follow.

Take care,