CPAN Release DK::Business::Phonenumber, multi flavored validation of Danish phone numbers

For about a year we have for using this small Data::FormValidator constraint extension we developed for use with telco a client.

It has finally been released to the CPAN.

The distribution by now contains 3 modules, representing 3 different approaches to validation of Danish phone numbers.

– Business::DK::Phonenumber, is a basic procedural implementation, exporting a validation subroutine.
– Data::FormValidator::Constraints::Business::DK::Phonenumber, is a package to integrate with the marvellous module Data::FormValidator
– Class::Business::DK::Phonenumber, is a object oriented implementation providing a class for handling phonenumber object

In addition to the 3 approaches listed above. The distribution offers:

– Generation of dummy phone numbers, which can be used for testing
– Pretty printing of phone numbers, so phone numbers, can be output and formatted using simple templates

This is the initial public release and it covers pretty much what we expect and set out too solve, ideas for improvements are more than welcome.

Business::DK::Phonenumber is the second open source project from logicLAB, which is developed on our Atlassian Jira Studio solution, so things might change overtime as we get more into using Jira Studio for both closed and open source projects, for now the following resources are available from our Business::DK::Phonenumber project web site (

– Wiki
– SCM, Subversion, readonly
– Bug/Issue tracking, requires account for now, but we are working on that

Business::DK::Phonenumber is distributed under the Artistic License and can be downloaded from your local CPAN mirror or via:

CPAN Release DK::Business::Phonenumber, multi flavored validation of Danish phone numbers