CPAN deletions

As I wrote in my post ‘Stranded in Migration’ I plan to delete some of my old distributions from CPAN, since they no longer hold any value. For me they hold value as projects from which I learned a lot, but to the open source, CPAN and Perl communities they no longer offer much value (if they ever did).

So I have deleted:

– Module::Template::Setup, an attempt at what Dist::Zilla or similar do a much better job at
– Games::Bingo::Bot, a complementary IRC bot for Games::Bingo, which should perhaps have been in the examples directory instead

The last distribution is pre-github, back when CPAN was the best way to display and distribute Perl code, today you have alternatives like Github if you just want to demonstrate a concept or want to prototype something. Today there is no need to push everything to CPAN, at the same time CPAN is a marvellous distribution channel and it is the best way to distribute working CPAN components if you want to share with the Perl community.

I have done regular cleaning of my CPAN distributions, always attempting to keep it down to the two latest releases, so a diff can be done, but clearing out stuff which is no longer of value, can only be encouraged, so we do not drown CPAN in old, unmaintained and obsolete distributions no longer holding any value.

Check if somebody depends on your distributions, alternatively ask around before deleting.

This is the first time I have deleted distributions completely, apart from when I mis-named a distribution and uploaded under a different name and it does feel good. I am not embarrassed by my first attempts at CPAN distributions, but it does feel good to delete them and focus on new distributions and maintenance and development of code, which holds more value to me and perhaps to members of the community.

Well everything is at BackPAN and for me at Github so I can look at my old code and see if I have evolved as a programmer 🙂

jonasbn, Copenhagen

Update! 2014.08.13

I completely forgot I am also deleting Bundle::JONASBN, which has been replaced by Task::BeLike::JONASBN, an example of evolution of how to do things on CPAN.

CPAN deletions