CPAN Release Workflow 1.35

This release has been way too long underway, but I finally succeeded in getting it to CPAN.

The release is primarily focused in a number of patches received from Steven van der Vegt, Scott Hardin and Oliver Welter – as before the OpenXPKI project contributes with patches lifting Workflow to a new level.

Now remains a lot of work on getting the distribution stabilized. The documentation needs an overhaul. I would like to migrate the test-suite to Test::Class.

The RT queue is down to 3 issues and it would be magnificent to get the last feature requests implemented.

The following information is lifted from the Changes file:

– Applied patches from Scott Hardin implementing lazy evaluation of conditions

– Applied patch from Oliver Welter implementing support for multiple factories:

– Added patch from Oliver Welter implementing the feature of creating custom workflow classes, in addition a patch to silence some warning emitted during test from Workflow::Validator

– Added patch from Scott Hardin implementing nested conditions

– Added patch from Steven van der Vegt RT #52841 implementing auto run for the INITIAL state:

– Added patch from Steven van der Vegt RT #52862 improving the reporting on validation exceptions:

– Eliminated README and migrated information into the main POD and introduced INSTALL file for the installation relevant information. README is now generated from the main POD by Build.PL

CPAN Release Workflow 1.35