CPAN Maintenance release of Business::DK::Phonenumber

Version 0.02 of our open source Perl module Business::DK::Phonenumber have been uploaded to CPAN.

The release contains two bug fixes. Both related to the build system used, namely Module::Build. The bugs are not in Module::Build, but in the script using Module::Build, namely Build.PL

The script lacked dependencies to external CPAN modules, being used in the test suite, not part of the functional components, but just the test suite.

These kind of errors are hard to catch in the development environment, we can only point to the importance of smoke testing on segregated environments, since this often helps to catch this sort of errors. Development environments are often changed during development so they do not necessarily reflect the target environments where the product is supposed to be running after released.

We are currently not running our own smoke testing facility, but we are lucky that exactly CPAN offers this via CPAN-testers.

So if you look at: (you need to select version 0.01 in the drop-down).

You can see the sheer amount of test reports indicate the of efforts freely available to help us get our distributions smoke tested, with minimum effort and for free. All we need to do is upload

And as you might also see is the tests for version 0.02 are passing, so it seems as if the issues reported by the reports indicating failing test for 0.01 have been patched correctly.

Open Source is often described as sitting on the shoulder of giants, but CPAN and the Perl community really makes it worth while distributing Open Source Perl distributions via their infrastructure. We might not be sitting on the shoulders of giant, but we have a multitude of minions tirelessly working for us.

Thanks to the CPAN-testers – you do a marvelous job.

Business::DK::Phonenumber is distributed under the Artistic License and can be downloaded from your local CPAN mirror or via:

CPAN Maintenance release of Business::DK::Phonenumber