Nordic Perl Workshop 2013

The Nordic Perl Workshop for 2013 is just over. I had promised myself to write a blog post up to the event, but organization, $job and life took what little time I had.

The event was hosted by my employer DK Hostmaster and took place in Copenhagen and I was involved in the organizing.

With a varied one-track schedule, with talks on topic like: Hadoop, Prima, Carton, SVG, natural language processing, Perl 6, Postgres, Mojolicious and Websockets the workshop provided a nice platform to learn, reflect and socialize.

It was nice to see old friends and make new friends and everything went really well. I did two lightning talks on Perl::Critic (peer/code review) and Mojolicious and REST. I planned to do a follow-up on my Jenkins talk, with some updates on perlbrew, but I dod not have the time to get it prepared.

One presentation which I found really interesting was Tatsuhikos Miyagawas presentation on Carton. Carton is a bundler handling CPAN dependencies and it is most impressive and together with cpanm and App::scan_prereqs_cpanfile (by TOKUHIROM) it is a serious contribution to the Perl toolchain.

When I get my notes processed, I will do a brief write-up of my reflection of Carton. I am going to evaluate possible use of Carton at my place of work and it could be what we need to get our deployment process really rolling.

Make sure to crowdsource or follow the Lanyard site if you want to access more information on the Nordic Perl Workshop 2013.

Next years workshop will be in Helsinki, Finland – hope to see you there.

Nordic Perl Workshop 2013

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